Flash League Comp FAQ

The competition is a league format where points are tabulated on a weekly basis. There will be a winner each week for each category and for each gender. There will also be a Grand Champion after 4 weeks and the winner is determined by the person who has the most points.
Every route sent is worth a fixed number of points. AND if you flash the route, you get an additional 30 points!
The moment our route setters are done setting, it's game on!
The walls are reset every Monday and Friday and the walls are usually opened for climbing about 3pm.
Start with both hands on the starting hand hold(s). Take both feet off the ground before making any subsequent moves. Using only the specific coloured handholds, make your way to the top and finish with both hands on the ending handhold. If you can hold it for 3 seconds, then congratulations! You have completed a route.
To flash a route means to finish the route on your very first attempt, regardless if you have seen anyone climb the route before or if anyone had given you prior information on how to climb the route.
Ranking is first determined by the highest score. If that is tied, it will be decided by the total number of flashes a climber has. If all else is still tied, the winner will be decided by the climber who submitted the score sheet to us earliest.
The winner will be decided by the climber who has the most number of flashes. If that is still a tie, then it will be decided by the earlier submission of the 4th week's scorecard.
The scorecard requires you to tick either a "Send" or a "Flash" if you have completed the route. Get a friend or fellow climber to witness your climb and then sign accordingly.
The side walls at the edges of the slab wall and the entrance of the main bouldering area are out of bounds.
The score is still the same. Extra points are given only if you flash the route.