Programmes will reopen for booking from September 1st, 12pm.
All programme bookings must be made at least 14 days in advance with full payment made.

Starter Pack For Adults

Picking up a new sport has never been easier

Never done any form of bouldering? Sign up for our starter pack program and pick up bouldering with our bouldering professionals for 90 minutes. Further more, stay on after the end of your program and carry on climbing with your friends without additional charges!

Price: $45 per pax

(inclusive of entry, shoes & instructor for 90 minutes)
*min 2 pax to start


Bouldering Easy & Bouldering Intermediate

Climb to newer heights, literally.

Have you been climbing for some time but for some reason, there seem to be a ceiling preventing you from progressing? Well, this is the perfect class for you! Bouldering Easy & Intermediate offers you a structured lesson plan to help you work on techniques and improve your climbing form. Expand your exposure by climbing alongside other climbers and share your beta with each other.

Bouldering Easy:

Now you've got the basics, it's time to level up. This is where you will build your core strength and flexibility with more challenging problems. Are you ready to up your climbing game? (V1-V3)

Duration: 4 weeks
Price: $200 SIGN UP HERE

Bouldering Intermediate:

You've got everything you need to keep climbing the bouldering ladder, it's time to put all of it to good use. Learn more intense exercises for warm up and physical training, as well as bravely attack even greater climbing challenges. (V3-V5)

Duration: 4 weeks
Price: $230 SIGN UP HERE