We are upsizing bouldering and we are bringing it to you, bigger and bolder


What is Bouldering?

Indoor bouldering is a form of sports climbing where climbers scale a short wall without the help of a harness or rope. To prevent injuries from a fall, a safety mattress is placed at the bottom of the climber to cushion the impact if they fall.

Why Boulder?

There are many capes.com/rock-climbing/">benefits to climbing. In particular, bouldering is a full body work out, one that works a person's arms, legs, core & mind. It is also convenient as it only requires a pair of climbing shoes and unlike top-rope/high wall climbing, it does not require a partner if you have experience.

Why Boulder World?

With a floor space of over 7000 sqft, Boulder World is the largest indoor Bouldering Gym in Singapore. Our wall space caters to over 100 problems with difficulties ranging from beginner to advance. Our facility is able to cater to birthday parties, corporate team building activities, fitness & wellness programs and not to mention, lots of bouldering!

So come on down and get your adrenaline fix today!