Boulder World will be reopened on the 21st of June 2021.

Dear climbers,

We appreciate your feedback that all of you have been giving us since our reopening on 19 June 2020. We thank you for your patience with our implementations and let us work together to keep our climbing environment safe for all of us.

Good News!!
The duration of each booking slot has been extended. Now that your fingers should be feeling stronger, each slot is a maximum of 3 hours on weekdays and 2 hours and 45 mins on weekends so happy climbing! Do refer to the booking website for exact time slots.

We will allow the use of chalk balls although liquid chalk is still highly recommended. Loose chalk will not be allowed in the gym. We reserve the right to inspect your chalk bag so everyone please play “chalk-ball” yah!

We’ll be welcoming new comers to the gym once again. Take note! We will also have to bring you through a safety briefing after we have checked everyone in. It’ll only take about 5 minutes!

Rental of equipment
Shoes are back up for loan. We do need to keep rental shoes under quarantine after every use so bear with us if we run out of your ideal shoe size. Chalk bags will not be available for rent for the time being.

Operational Adjustments
To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we seek your cooperation to adhere to the following measures:
- Stay at home if there are signs of illness!
- Comply with current hygiene and safe distancing rules (2m apart while exercising, 1m apart while not)
- Masks are to be worn at all times when you are not climbing
- Check in/Check out with the Safe Entry QR code
- Maximum of 8 people in a single group and groups must not interact
- Keep your water bottles in your bag

Season passes will be frozen without fees until 31 July. If you are climbing before that, feel free to activate it once again. Normal fees will apply after activation. All Multi passes have also been given a 3 month extension.
Shower facilities and the water dispenser will be unavailable but the toilets and sinks will still be available for frequent hand-washing! Drinking water will be available for purchase.
Cash payments will not be accepted. Please make payment via credit card, NETs, or Grabpay. Valid vouchers will also be accepted.

Opening hours and booking system
Opening Hours are stated below and this will be broken down into a 4 booking time slots. Please refer to our booking webpage for timings.

Mon - 12:45pm to 10:30pm
Tues-Fri - 9:30am to 10:30pm
Sat-Sun - 10am to 9:45pm

There will be a limit of 1 session a day and 4 sessions a week. Please stick to this limit to give everyone a share of climbing as there is a cap of 50 climbers in the gym at a time. Additional bookings over and on top of the allowable limit will be automatically removed from the system. There will be charges and passes deducted for bookings with “no shows” and double bookings. Do exercise civic mindedness while booking. Cancellations are allowed if they are cancelled 12 hours prior to your time slot.

Walk-ins are allowed as long as we are not above our capacity.

Come to climb only
While we really miss all of you and would love to catch up, we hope that you understand these restrictions that we have in place. So come to climb and everything else can be done at home.

We seek your utmost cooperation to adhere to all of the above. We are all in this together so we do welcome any feedback/suggestions you may have to make this new experience a smoother one for everyone.